Tuesday, 25 July 2017


Ariana, is that you? A girl can dream, hey. I can hardly draw any comparisons, particularly when the horrific terrorist attack happened in Manchester and she displayed such a momentous amount of bravery, strength and compassion for all those involved with the incredible #OneLoveManchester concert, all to raise money for the fundraising appeal. I did not manage to get a ticket to attend but I really wanted to show my support for the place I now call home and amongst other things, I bought the sweater Miss Grande herself wore, where all the profits go to the emergency fund. 

2 months on, time may have passed since this horrible attack happened, but we continue to show strength in our hearts for this unbreakable, beautiful city. You can show your support and donate to the fund here.



Monday, 1 February 2016

Rome - City Break Style

Ciao Bellas! It's been a long time coming but finally, I'm back! A lot has changed since I last blogged. For one, I have waved good-bye to Cheltenham and traded in cotswolds life for city life in Manchester (where co-incidentally I started my blog in the first place). So, you can now find me tapping away on my keyboard blogging in a little flat in Northern Quarter! Living up here has given me all the more reason to re-start blogging, what with the copious amounts of fashion, cute cafes etc, plus someone to snap some outfit shots for me - thanks MisterYoungProfessional ;) - I've found myself four years down the line, fresh new blog look, fresh new start for 2016! (How very 'New Year, New me' cliche of me!) 

But before I begin on Manchester, I just wanted to do a little city hop and share some snaps from my recent mini-break to Rome with previously mentioned pal MYP and Quite Contrary Style to bust the January blues, enjoy a little "Vino al Vino" in "any bar, just your average Roman bar" and you know, I guess maybe see some sights on the side...                                                                                                         Well I can officially say that in just a few short days Roma romanced me with it's gorgeous buildings, amazing pizza and gelato and cultural charm. So much so I have picked out many a new home there over-looking a beautiful Piazza. One day you shall be mine chandelier filled, marble floored apartment of interior dreams! 

Packing for our chilly, but sunny, weekend away with a smaller-than-cabin size suitcase was not the one for an over-packer such as myself, but on our very own 'door tour' of Rome I got a few shots in front of one of the many incredible doors of one of my city-break outfits! As we all know outfit layering and flat shoes are pretty key when it comes to walking everywhere to explore a city. so I found these patent leather-style shoes a treat! My trusty silver satchel carried my camera along with the worst map of Rome in the world quite nicely, and I picked up the tassel-end scarf in Aldo whilst we were there because I definitely did not leave my scarf behind in Manchester....

Outfits aside, I have lots of shots of the city itself to share with you all on my next post! 
So, till next time, Ciao!